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I have a personal, “philosophy”, I call, Quality of Life. It means a clean towel in the morning. Not a, I should have done laundry, I’ll do it later, kind of towel. It’s a I feel so fresh and clean after this shower and this towel smells great! That, first thing in the morning, improved my quality of life. And just that little thing of a clean towel extends to my whole closet. I didn’t just wash my towel. I did a whole load of laundry. Now I have clean cloths. Now I look good. Smell good. Am good. My confidence is up. And this is all before I leave the house. Quality of Life. Same with food. I used to just buy whatever was fast and easy. Then I realized. What is my rush? Why am I in a hurry to eat shit and sit on the couch? I started cooking at home and enjoying it. I love going to the butcher and getting a good cut. I love going to the market for fresh produce. I love how amazing it is when you’ve created this miracle of a meal with your own hands and you can eat better for less money and still watch netflix. That’s Quality of Life. Put a little effort in and improve the things that make you feel better. Clean your cloths, clean your house. Clutter is stress and we all have too much as it is. Do little things. Try and improve your quality of life.

Edit: I’m gonna cut this rant short but basically; Life is too short for cheap beer and wine. And if you have a kitchen full of good beer, good wine and good food you’ll never be lonely. Good friends and family will bring happiness. There is no shortcut to being happy. Put the effort in an focus on quality. You’ll get there.

Exercise. It keeps you healthy and gives you the feeling that you’re doing something constructive and beneficial for yourself with your time. Even if you’re just jogging on a treadmill and surfing Reddit on a tablet or smartphone, it’s better for you than surfing Reddit from the couch.

Get a routine. Whether you’re in college, high school, a worker, it is a great way to get in control of your life and in turn, be happy.

Maybe you get back home after work at 5:30. Get a whiteboard out, and start listing the things you want to get done. Separate things that are longterm projects, and things you want to get done today. Get home at 5:30, relax, change, maybe take a shower, and at 6:30 you start getting to work. Get things done, be productive. Maybe every Friday night, you and your friends go out to your favorite restaurant or bar.

Get into a rhythm that you can follow every day. Set a goal that you want to work towards (or maybe have for a long time) and add something to your routine that slowly works towards that.

Anxious about a test? Set aside some time to study, or find someone else to study with. Integrate it into your daily routine and make a plan so that come test day, you know you’ve spent the amount of time studying that you aimed for.

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