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The problem of confidence is the common factor that makes someone does not want to do some activities that are related to the social life such as speech for the celebration, giving a presentation in front of people, talking with the person we just met or giving an opinion in the public situation. Most people will get confused when they must face that situation and do not feel confident to do it.

Why could it happen?

Why are people still confused growing their self-confidence?

These matters happen because there are some feelings in themselves such as afraid, nervous, and also worried about the failure. These cases are obvious in our daily life. For example, when a person faced an interview for a new job, they will be afraid and nervous to answer all the questions given by the interviewers.

Maybe some of them has already prepared everything before doing the interview but they will suddenly lose their confidence. It must be solved because if the person does not find the way to lose their frightened, they will not be able to develop their capabilities in social life.

So how to be confident and able to face people in all situation?

Is there any way to build the confidence in ourselves?

Absolutely Yes.

Do you know that the mental is a form of the strong personality in a person to show all abilities they have? The mental in human itself has all elements of soul include emotions, minds, attitudes, feelings and all action even habit they have. When a human has a strong and good mentality, they will have a good quality of life and the sense of confidence will grow naturally in themselves.

To grow the confidence, people should train their mentality to face this life in any situations. Here are several ways to be confident such as:

Learn and recognize what makes you feel uncomfortable. Confidence will grow if a person could recognize what makes the person feel uncomfortable in facing people or a social situation. Do you believe that you can throw the uncomfortable feelings away from yourself? This is a fact, you can lose it by growing the positive mind that you can be brave in facing this life. Time by time, you will be confident in doing activities because of the comfortable feel.

Be yourself: This is the important thing you have to do. Do not try to be another person when you will do activities in your life. The thing you must do is only being yourself. It will make you feel that you can do better than before also you can be confident in do the new things.

Identify your skills and abilities: The confidence will grow when people have the skills as the job he does. So, if you want to do something then you should learn about the job you will do first.

Is that suit your ability and skill?

Can you do it well? Those are the thing you should learn and prepare. Never do the things that are not suited to the skill you have because you will not be able to face it if you do not learn about it before.

Do not be afraid to do all the difficult things: It is kind of challenge in your life that you must be brave to do. Difficult things will be easier if you do it regularly. In the first, it looked scary and make yourself feel nervous, but you will know the nice thing about doing difficult work if you try it by heart.

Take every opportunity in front of you. You will get your passion if you can take opportunities that are given to you. It will be the way to be confident because you try the new things to learn also do your best effort of the opportunity you get.

Joining the various activities in social organizations: If you are a student at school or university, it is the big chance to develop your ability by active in some communities. The people who already faced the work life do not mean cannot join some organization. There many social activities in your living environment.

Learning about how to be confident is not difficult as you think if you prepare it well by organizing all the situation before you do activities in front of the people. So, there will be no reason to avoid being active in your life.


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